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Vigilance in maintaining a hazard-free environment for customers

On behalf of Mark Knight Attorney at Law

When people visit their local grocery store in Kentucky or stop inside a restaurant for a quick lunch before returning to work, they often plan to do what they please without dealing with hazards. As such, businesses are responsible for maintaining an environment that allows their customers to visit the premises and stay safe while doing so.

While customers should be watchful of where they are going and prompt in reporting any hazards they come across, businesses uphold the brunt of the responsibility for maintaining a safe environment. According to, businesses should make sure their building is properly ventilated and has adequate lighting. They should also be up to code with fire procedures as recommended by their local fire marshal. Tripping hazards should be removed including proper snow and water removal to prevent falls from occurring.

Slips and falls, in particular, can cause injuries ranging from a simple bruise to a broken bone or severe concussion. The Safety and Health Magazine says that common causes of people slipping include surfaces that are oily or wet, as well as poor traction on the floors. Rugs or mats that are placed at various places throughout a business to catch precipitation should be frequently monitored to make sure they remain flat on the floor and are not loose or flipping upward after significant wear and tear. Likewise, if there is debris on the floor, workers should be readily available to clean up any mess to keep spills contained before they pose a safety hazard to customers nearby.