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Workers Comp & Disability. Illustration depicting construction worker using shovel.

Workers Comp & Disability

Interacting with government agencies can be complicated, time consuming and frustrating, with hours on the phone, endless paperwork and denied claims. Our years of experience with these processes — applications and appeals, deadlines and requests for additional information — insures that your case will stay on track and that these important services work for you.

Injury, Liability & Accidents. Illustration depicts EMT's attending to injured person on a stretcher.

Injury, Liability & Accidents

Being out of work and in pain with mounting medical bills due to the negligence of others can feel like an unfair and one-sided situation — hopeless, without a strong voice making the case for you. We are that voice.

Business & Real Estate. illustration of people meeting at mail box.

Business & Real Estate Law

From deeds and titles to business mergers and litigation, sound legal advice and keen representation can make processes easier, options broader and outcomes more favorable for you. Your goals guide our work, and our experience creates opportunities for you and your project.

A Powerful Legal Resource for

Southern Kentucky for 40 Years

“…Number One

Mark Knight made me feel like I was his number one priority every time we spoke and his staff did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and well-taken care of.

Mark’s Kentucky Law Notes

Workers’ compensation may cover carpal tunnel

Workers’ compensation may cover carpal tunnel

Technology jobs and office administrative positions have various components in common, including using a keyboard and mouse and sitting for long periods. Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel, can become painful, preventing you from completing your regular job duties. We often assist clients in filing for workers’ compensation.

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Mark Knight Law Office staff

Let Us Make Your Case

Let Us Make Your Case

Mark Knight Law Office staff

Let Us Make Your Case

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