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Power outages and workplace accidents

When it comes to accidents that occur in the workplace, there are a wide variety of hazards that can lead to a mishap. Aside from some of the common risk factors that are often recognized, such as falling off of ladders and working with dangerous machinery, there are less common scenarios that can also be very dangerous. For example, there may be a power outage while employees are working, and this could increase the chances of something going wrong in a number of ways. 

When the power goes out, workers usually stop until power is restored. However, some may push through and continue to work even though there is no power. Whether they feel pressured by their employer or they think that they are able to keep working when there is no power, this can lead to an accident due to poor lighting or a host of other reasons. Moreover, power outages can be very startling and they may also cause a worker to sustain an injury while they are trying to leave the premises. 

Some occupations, such as those which involve working with toxic chemicals, can be especially concerning when the power is cut for whatever reason. It is very important for employers and staff members to have a clear understanding of how to respond to a power outage and take preventative measures to reduce the chances of an accident. However, accidents are not always preventable, and many workers sustain injuries on the job. If you were hurt during a power outage or for another reason while performing your job duties, take a look into workers’ compensation. 

On behalf of Mark Knight Attorney at Law