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How do back injuries affect your work?

Kentucky workers like you may face injuries at the workplace. Sometimes, these injuries come from unexpected places. Other times, the risk may lie within mundane, everyday tasks. 

For example, back injuries are among the most common injuries employees deal with. Even lifting a box in the incorrect way can result in back strain or injury. How do these injuries impact workers like you? 

The length of back injury recovery
Mayo Clinic discusses back pain, a common symptom of back injuries. Back injuries vary in severity. Some may leave you bedridden for weeks, months or even years. Others you can recover from in a matter of days. But one of the most important parts of the healing process is to let your back rest. This is also where you will run into the most trouble. 

Disengaging from normal activity while you heal
Unfortunately, letting your back rest means disengaging from activities you normally do. These activities could include hobbies or sports. They also include things you do at work that stress your back. If your job involves a lot of back movement or lifting, you cannot do this while healing. In more extreme cases, you may have to take time off of work. 

It is so important to rest because further strain on your back may create permanent damage. You may create tissue scarring. Your nerves may end up stretched to the point that you get nerve damage. And because your back is so integral to movement, any damage there will affect your mobility. You do not want things to escalate to a point in which you need surgery or longer periods of rest. 

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