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Everything you need to apply for SSDI online

Filing your Social Security Disability claim online can make the process much faster than applying other ways in Kentucky. However, before you begin, you must make sure you have all the information the Social Security Administration requires. Having everything handy and ready to go makes things easier for you and lets you quickly complete the claim.

The SSA explains that you will need quite a bit of information about yourself, your family, your income and your employment. Some of this information may be something you know off the top of your head, but you will likely find some of the details you need to supply will require some research on your part.

Some of the easy information to provide includes the following personal information:
• Place of birth
• Names of your current and former spouses
• Marriage dates and locations
• Names of your children, if they are minors or disabled
• Military duty branch, type of service and dates
• Contact information for someone who knows about your medical condition

Information that you may not know by memory includes details about your employment history. You must provide accurate information, so you may need to find pay stubs or tax forms to help you come up with the following required information:
• Names of current employer and employers in the previous two years
• Start and end dates of employment
• Total earnings from each employer
• Self-employment business type
• Self-employment net income
• Types of jobs held in the last 15 years
• Job duties of your longest-held job
• Education and training information

You also need to provide the SSA with your banking information. This includes your account number and routing number.
Finally, you must provide information about your medical history. This includes a list of your medical conditions, doctor or healthcare provider contact information and your patient ID number. You also must supply the dates of care for each provider, medications prescribed and any other medical record information you have about your condition.

This is a lot of information, but it will help the SSA decide on your claim. It is essential to provide complete information and provide all the information the SSA requests to avoid claim delays.

On behalf of Mark Knight Attorney at Law