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When enough is enough

Many people go through several stages when they suffer a permanent or temporarily disabling injury. If you were to start out trying to handle everything yourself, you would definitely not be alone. Should you start to feel that you could use some assistance managing all of the costs associated with your injury, you could be able to receive benefits under social security.

At the office of Mark D. Knight, Attorney at Law, we realize that some of our social security disability clients are making one of the most difficult decisions of their lives. There is no need to add extra stress in these situations. That is why we attempt to make the process as simple as possible.

When enough is enough, there is no shame in getting the help you need to keep your life together and continue improving your condition. We believe that is the core principle of social security programs. If you are at the point where you qualify for benefits, it would benefit our entire community if you accept them.

There is another important point involved that you may not be completely aware of. Social Security is not a charity — it is a program that is funded by your own tax dollars. You have the responsibility to pay into this program whether you directly benefit from it or not.

As mentioned above, we believe that one of the reasons these laws and programs continue to exist is that they benefit everyone. By accessing the assistance you need, you could potentially reduce future strain on yourself and others who care for you. You would do this by having enough resources to recover from your condition as much as possible and maintain an

We always feel a sense of satisfaction when we are able to secure the social security benefits our clients deserve — it makes our communities healthier and happier overall. Please continue this and other subjects on our main website.

On behalf of Mark Knight Attorney at Law