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What workers’ compensation benefits are available in Kentucky?

When you suffer a workplace injury, you may wonder what benefits you can pursue through a workers’ compensation claim. Kentucky laws provide for a variety of different payouts for injured workers. Of course, the exact type and value of your available benefits will vary depending on the details of your injury, your wages and how the laws apply to your situation.

According to Kentucky workers’ compensation statutes, the following types of benefits are available:
• Necessary and reasonable medical treatments
• Transportation for doctors’ appointments
• Temporary total disability benefits
• Permanent disability benefits

There are limitations to these benefits. For instance, each one has a weekly maximum. Additionally, you cannot seek benefits for pain and suffering.

Temporary total disability benefits are available to you if you cannot perform any work duties while you heal from your injuries. These benefits end once you reach maximum medical improvement or you return to work.

MMI means you have a condition that no longer improves with treatment. At this juncture, your doctor will evaluate you to determine whether you have a permanent disability. If your occupational injury or illness stops you from conducting work, you are eligible for permanent total disability compensation. These benefits continue for as long as you have a total disability or you reach the Social Security retirement age.

Another possibility is receiving permanent partial disability benefits. Kentucky awards these benefits based on the percentage of bodily function you lose due to the work injury. The state calculates these rates using your impairment percentage and the respective multiplier.

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