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Leading causes of serious auto accidents

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are an integral part of the American lifestyle. However, they can also be dangerous.
To stay safe, everyone on the road needs to understand the dangers of driving and know how to avoid collisions. What causes serious auto accidents?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps records on motor vehicle crashes. According to the NHTSA, main culprits include:

• Excessive speed – Driving too fast is dangerous for many reasons. It is easier to lose control of the vehicle and requires extra distance to slow down, stop or maneuver around obstacles. Moreover, if a speeding driver does crash, the consequences are likely to be severe.

• Driving while distracted – This includes distractions of all sorts, from reading text messages to eating to consulting a smartphone’s GPS. Even hands-free phone calls can keep you from focusing on the road.

• Driving under the influence of alcohol – In Kentucky, the legal limit for blood alcohol levels is 0.08% for drivers over 21. Drivers under 21 are over the limit with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.02% or higher.

• Reckless or aggressive driving – Aggressive drivers may follow other cars too closely and change lanes quickly. Erratic behavior makes it difficult for other drivers to predict what the reckless driver may do, making it tough to get out of the way and avert a collision.

• Inclement weather – Rain or high winds can cause drivers to lose control. Darkness may make driving more dangerous, especially for inexperienced drivers.

What to do
If you find yourself on the road with drivers who seem unsafe, do your best to stay far away from them. Pull over to a safe location and call the authorities.

— On behalf of Mark Knight Attorney at Law