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Is this categorized as a disability?

Kentucky residents who are injured while on the job may suffer from severe repercussions that can result in a lifetime of disability. If this happens to you, you may be wanting to look into Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, which can help ease some of the burden. But are you eligible?

Social Security’s website has a section in which they discuss what a disability means in terms of Social Security in particular. One important thing to note is that in order to qualify for SSD, you must have what is called a “total disability” and not a partial or short-term disability. SSD benefits differ from other sources of benefits for this reason, as other sources will often provide some form of pay for disabilities that are not complete or long-lasting.

In short, in order to be considered disabled by SSD standards, you must be unable to do the work that you did before the incident. You must have had the disability for a year, or for a doctor to project that it will last for at least a year or result in death. Finally, it must also be decided by Social Security that because of the disability you have suffered from, you are unable to switch to another line of work.

As you can see, these requirements can make filing for SSD benefits seem daunting. However, the added financial support that it provides can be crucial to your ability to continue living a high quality of life after an incident. Because of that, seeking SSD benefits may be beneficial to you.

On behalf of Mark Knight Attorney at Law