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Is my teen more at risk for distracted driving?

In Kentucky, there are plenty of drivers on the road that engage in various dangerous driving habits and behaviors. One of the biggest risky behaviors is distracted driving. Some may argue that certain age groups are more prone to this subcategory of dangerous driving behaviors than others. 

The Teen Driver Source takes a look at some of the statistics and facts about distracted driving that specifically apply to teenagers. There are some studies that show that they are the most susceptible group to texting and driving, as well as other forms of distracted driving behavior. Examples include talking to other passengers, changing music stations, or even becoming distracted by GPS navigation systems. 

Another risk is the fact that distracted driving behavior is relatively acceptable among teenagers. Many find that their peers do it seemingly without repercussion. Because of that, they feel that they can also get away with it, as it doesn’t seem “that dangerous”.  Without fellow peers to call them out on their distracted driving behaviors, teenagers are less likely to stop doing it or to take the warnings about it seriously. This leads to an increase in teens driving with distractions, which in turn can cause an increase in the dangers distracted driving poses to others on the road. 

Of course, teenagers are also more likely to listen and conform if peers collectively decide that a behavior is bad. For this reason, many campaigns to stop distracted driving are aimed toward younger drivers. They also feature more common distractions younger drivers face, like the use of handheld mobile devices. 

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